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$16.4M Traumatic Brain Injury

$11M Wrongful Death

$4.3M Auto Accident


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While our main office is in Tampa, we represent clients throughout the State of Florida, having tried cases in jurisdictions ranging from Walton County to Manatee County to Orange County to Miami-Dade County.


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At Matthews Personal Injury Law, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your potential claim or any legal issues you may need help with. If you are a referring lawyer who has a case you need assistance evaluating or handling, feel free to give us a call or send an email to the address below.


500 E. Kennedy Blvd. Phone: 813-530-1000
Suite 217 Fax: 813-830-7221
Tampa, Florida 33602


1800 2nd St, Phone: 941-877-5800
Suite 757 Fax: 813-830-7221
Sarasota, FL 34236


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Why Matthews Personal Injury Law?

  • We are fearless and unrelenting.
  • We fight to ensure that you obtain the justice you deserve.
  • We believe in taking every case to trial where the opposition is unwilling to reach a resolution that protects our clients’ best interests.
  • As depicted with Lady Justice's sword, we are committed to the enforcement of the jury's verdict to punish those guilty.